SAPc and covid-19

Given recent CDC guidances, we are suspending Corporate Worship at St Andrews for this next Sunday, March 22, and until further notice. More than likely, this will be for at least few weeks, given the current trajectory. For more information about our church moving forward, please contact the church office


To Glorify god and enjoy him as his called-out people

We are called together to worship God,

To be instructed in the Scriptures,

To be conformed to God’s truth,

To reach out into our world with the news of the Gospel.


Come worship with us

We invite you to visit with us for worship. We believe our fellowship is enriched by all who join with us to offer praise of our Lord Jesus Christ and draw near to hear His Word. We are seeking to be a New Testament Church, committed to honoring the authority of God’s Word and dedicated to growing in that commitment.

Please join us as we seek to glorify our Father in all that we do.