our story

St. Andrews belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America. We began meeting in 1984 and were organized as a church in 1986. For that whole history we have emphasized small groups, Biblical teaching and God-centered, participatory worship. 

We invite you to visit with us for worship. We believe our fellowship is enriched by all who join with us to offer praise of our Lord Jesus Christ and draw near to hear His Word. We are seeking to be a New Testament Church, committed to honoring the authority of God’s Word and dedicated to growing in that commitment.

Commitment to truth

We believe that God calls the church to faithfulness to Him in the form of faithfulness to his Word. The church has, as a matter of first importance, to hear what God says and to place the totality of our lives in submission to all that God has revealed of Himself. We are to glorify Him according to the instruction of His Word.

Commitment to content (in what we say to the culture)

We believe that the church is also called to tell the nations the news that God has sent His own Son, Jesus of Nazareth, into the world and to call the nations to believe on Him. We are to teach the Bible as the entire purpose of God and to answer the questions that people have about how to know God. 

Commitment to relational reality with God

We believe that the church is a community that is to live in a loving, obedient relationship with God, walking these “pilgrim days” in joyful trust with Him. We are to enjoy Him forever. Knowing God is much deeper than mere ritual or keeping rules, it is receiving grace and life from Him on a moment to moment basis and allowing Him to rule in our hearts as He transforms our lives.

Commitment to relational reality with one another

We believe that the church is a community. We are called into light and life as a family of God. As members of one another we are to love as we have been loved, forgive as we have been forgiven, grow together toward maturity and live out a pattern of humility, kindness, preferring one another and mutual encouragement.

core values

We value growing together into full Christian maturity as the Lord’s people.

We value Biblical teaching according to a Reformed point of view which has depth, penetrating to all areas of life.

We value all of the members of the church being active in the life of the church.

We value ministries of the church carried out by all of the members of the church.

We value corporate worship which is Biblical.

We value strong families, living together according to God’s covenant pattern.

We value openness, integrity and truthfulness in our dealing with one another.

We value people over ideological structures, buildings or traditions.

our beliefs

1. There is one true and living God who exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created all that exists out of nothing. He alone is King, Savior and Judge of the world.

2. God has spoken to us in human language in the Bible. This revelation from God is without error, authoritative, and sufficient to guide us to know who He is and what is required of us to live with true freedom and joy.

3. God has created men and women in His own image, unique and special of all that has been created. Although our first parents were made to be good and able to obey God they turned away from Him and brought sin, death and sorrow into the world.

4. God has not left us in spiritual darkness but has acted in human history to give us life, to offer pardon for our sins and to reconcile us to fellowship with Him. This was done by God’s provision of a Mediator who has fully redeemed all who believe in the free offer of the Gospel.

5. The Mediator is Jesus of Nazareth, the only Redeemer and the only provision for our salvation. He is the true eternal God who became a real man. He lived a life of perfect holiness and love. He was crucified as a substitute for sinful men in order to satisfy the demands of justice and righteousness and was raised from the dead on the third day. It is by His finished work on the cross and our trust in Him alone that we are made right before God.

6. The Gospel is (1) the true story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and (2) the promises that flow from that of forgiveness of sins, new life in Christ, adoption as God’s children and the sure hope of eternal life. God’s plan for us is to have the Gospel as the center of every area of life so that each aspect is brought under the joyful Lordship of Jesus Christ.

7. The church is the called out, new community of those God has redeemed, who belong to his kingdom and in whom his Spirit lives. The church is God’s plan for declaring His glory among all people. It is called to glorify and enjoy Him both as we gather for worship and teaching and as we are about our day-to-day vocations, serving Him in our city.

8. Jesus Christ will return visibly and physically as judge of the nations in an event of such power and glory that all injustice will be set right and all the pain and sorrow of His people will be turned into everlasting joyful praise.